Great Generation Care 三代保障


Great Generation Care 三代保障

The first-ever 3-generation critical illness plan

We know that family means the world to you. You strive to overcome the challenges that come your way because nothing is more important than ensuring they are always happy and well-provided for. No matter what life has in store, you want to give your children the best so they can have a secure future. At the same time, you want to provide your parents with the care they deserve for all they have done for you.

Great Generation Care addresses all your concerns to help you and your loved ones through the unexpected in life. It protects you against unfortunate incidents and critical illness, while extending complimentary critical illness and child illness coverage to your children. By adding on the optional Parent Protect Rider for your parents, you can take care of them in their golden years. With all three generations protected, your whole family can enjoy the love and happiness each day brings to make life great.

How your parents' and child's coverage work

Great is...

The love that binds generations.

Key benefits



Comprehensive coverage against critical illnesses

Should any of the 45 covered critical illnesses occur to you1 , you will receive a lump sum payment of 100% of the basic sum assured or total premiums paid, whichever is higher2 .



Optional Parent Protect Rider to safeguard your parents’ golden years

By opting to attach the Parent Protect Rider, your parents can enjoy protection against Alzheimer’s Disease / Severe Dementia, Cancer, and Parkinson’s Disease, with no medical underwriting2 .



Child Protect Benefit for your children

Great Generation Care automatically extends complimentary coverage against 45 critical illnesses and 11 child illnesses to all your children up to age 18 years next birthday, with no medical underwriting required2 .

Additional benefits


Protection against death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

If the unexpected occurs, your loved ones will receive the higher of 100% of the basic sum assured or total premiums paid in one lump sum2 .


Return of total premiums paid or more at maturity

When your policy matures at age 80 next birthday, the higher of 100% of the basic sum assured or total premiums paid for your basic plan will be payable to you in one lump sum2 .



Emotional Support Benefit for additional financial assistance

For claims under the Child Protect Benefit or Parent Protect Rider (if any), an additional 1% of the basic sum assured will be payable to you in one lump sum3 , to help you through life’s unexpected challenges2 .

How Great Generation Care works


Footnotes and disclaimers


Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover.


1 Except for Angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery disease, where only 10% of the basic sum assured will be payable, subject to a maximum amount of RM25,000 per life.

2 Terms and conditions apply.

3 Subject to a maximum aggregate amount of RM10,000 per life.



Great Generation Care is a non-participating plan that matures at age 80 years next birthday. Premiums are payable up to age 80 years next birthday or upon termination, whichever occurs first. Any increase in coverage shall entail an increase in premium payment.


You should satisfy yourself that this plan will best serve your needs and that the premium payable under the policy is an amount you can afford. A free-look period of 15 days is given for you to review the suitability of the plan. If the policy is returned to the Company during this period, the full premium would be refunded to the policy owner minus the expenses incurred for medical examination, if any. If you switch your policy from one company to another or if you exchange your current policy with another policy within the same company, you may be required to submit an application where the acceptance of your proposal will be subject to the terms and conditions to be imposed at the time of policy switching or replacement.


The policy may not have the guaranteed minimum cash value on termination until after you have paid premiums for two years. If you surrender your policy early, you will get back less than the amount you have paid. If you stop paying premiums before the end of the premium payment term, an automatic premium loan will be effected under your policy to pay future premiums so long as the cash value is more than the total indebtedness. The Company shall charge interest on the above loans at interest rates to be determined by the Company from time to time. The prevailing interest rate is available on the Company’s official website. Cessation of premium payment before the end of the premium payment term may lead to early termination of coverage.


The above is for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance. You are advised to refer to the Sales Illustration, Product Disclosure Sheet, consumer education booklet on Medical and Health Insurance products (MHI) and sample policy documents for detailed important features and benefits of the plan before purchasing the plan. The exclusions and limitations of benefits highlighted above are not exhaustive. For further information, reference shall be made to the terms and conditions specified in the policy issued by Great Eastern Life.


If there is any discrepancy between the English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese versions of this brochure, the English version shall prevail.


The terms “Great Eastern Life” and “the Company” shall refer to Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad.


Information correct as at 1 April 2021.

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